I have fallen down the rabbit hole. I have had one of those weeks where I have learnt too much. I have been painfully and somewhat unwillingly stretched.  It is food, again. My passion, my nemesis. I have spent quite a number of years hearing people talk about the GAPS diet, the RPA allergy diet, … Continue reading Alice

Eating Out!

Caspian is on strike. He won’t eat. Unless it is animal fat, meat, chocolate or soy cream. In absolute desperation I have caved in and started feeding him exactly what he wants. This is where the local RSL’s bistro ( Returned Serviceman’s League) has been a godsend. They make a mean roast pork. The steamed … Continue reading Eating Out!

Oh No!

I discovered a nasty mistake this week with Caspian’s breakfast. I make a nice porridge/cereal for him currently which I will share shortly with you. It is a nuts and seeds cereal. What was the mistake? Chia seeds. I had put them into our calculator ( not the ketocalculator from the charlie foundation) with 1 … Continue reading Oh No!