4 thoughts on “Travelling”

  1. Oh I love to read your posts Mary-Anne and love your honesty. I can’t say I am traveling the same path as you but I’ll walk with you on your travels. You’ll never give up as you’re a Mum and that’s what we do for our kids, we’ll walk to the end of the earth and back (or perhaps jump over as Reepicheep).

  2. Mary-Anne,

    Thankfully due to a combination of Nora’s cooperation and Christy’s dedication in preparing diverse and tasty meals, for us the keto life is very routine now. It’s become normal.

    Every now and then I am aware of the extra effort to feed her, but then I remind myself of the immeasurable benefit, and I remind myself to be happy that we can help her. The small annoyance of hounding her to finish her bedtime cream is nothing compared to the huge stress of relentless seizures.

    And honestly there are many times I marvel at how well she eats. A typical meal for her may be olives, avocado, hot cocoa, butter and flax crackers, red pepper, ham and cream cheese. Sometimes when I am preparing her plate of food I want to make the same for myself.

    Where the limitations of the diet are most felt are in the lack of spontaneity. We can’t jet off to any neighborhood cafe on a whim some afternoon. But with some effort and pre-planning we can still go to certain restaurants. Sushi has become a favorite because the salmon and edamame are very keto-friendly. But the lack of spontaneity is a small price to pay for now, and it won’t last forever.

    Hang in there! It won’t last forever, and every keto day, every keto meal is a victory.


  3. Hi there Mary Ann,
    we`re also on the way, by now for 17months, and will be tehre for the 10years because of GLUT1DS… I struggle now because of christmas time and all its brings für healthy kids, BUT christmas time will probablyy be a time without seizures this year, so it`s worth while figuring out nasty recipies for keto-cookies…
    KEEP ON!

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