And the answer is ….  MAD works for Caspian.  It really works well for Caspian.  What have I learned about transitioning from Classic Ketogenic to Modified Atkins that I can share with you?  1 It is moderate protein, not unlimited, an easy thing to forget but important.  For 5 weeks after the transition Caspian had … Continue reading MAD


It has been a big week for our little family.  Our world has changed in 7 days. On Monday Caspian, my dad and myself went to our hospital for overnight telemetry (his other super grandparents came later). Telemetry is EEG monitoring of brain waves over time. Caspian was measured up and dotted with red texta. … Continue reading Changing


Suet, dripping, lard…yum. It turns out that it is quite hard to have a serious intolerance to these beauties. My little Pirate Prince has decided that as tasty as soy cream, soy milk and tofu and their kin are, they are not friends and they are not nice at all. So good bye soy, you … Continue reading Suet


Note to self; Remember suffering and pain is as old as life itself. I’ve been contemplating the strength and fortitude of my grandmothers.  I went and bought myself a spiral bound empty recipe book, to put in my calculated recipes for Caspian. It has a wonderful comment on the front “Recipes from Nana’s Kitchen”. Initially … Continue reading Grandmothers