Roast Duck

Duck; it is delicious, easy to cook and naturally nice and fatty. In Australia Duck is sold in the major supermarkets under the brand name Luv a Duck. They also sell tubs of duck fat. Grab the duck breast with skin. I pan fried a nice piece of duck breast with skin and then popped … Continue reading Roast Duck

Eating Out!

Caspian is on strike. He won’t eat. Unless it is animal fat, meat, chocolate or soy cream. In absolute desperation I have caved in and started feeding him exactly what he wants. This is where the local RSL’s bistro ( Returned Serviceman’s League) has been a godsend. They make a mean roast pork. The steamed … Continue reading Eating Out!

Baked Custard

This is simplicity itself. I use probos soy cream for this very simple baked custard, wonderful comfort food. I intend on converting this recipe to a 150 calorie snack. This recipe is for 298 Calories at a ratio of 3.25 to 1. 90 grams of Soy cream 14 grams of egg yolk 2 grams of … Continue reading Baked Custard