Banana bread

  I said I was unlikely to post anything about food. Oops. In the quest for a sugarless cake I found this fabulous Banana Bread. It was light, fluffy, grain free, nutritious and no child had a meltdown or seizure afterwards! When a full bottle of maple syrup disappeared a few months back- and Caspian … Continue reading Banana bread


  Recently Caspian’s big brother Max, asked me if I wanted Caspian to be normal like him, ever? Thankfully I asked him “Why?”, “you seem to love him as he is” was his reply. Little did Max know I had been striving and straining for that end result. It had cost me a lot of … Continue reading Love


Well faithful travellers, you may be wondering where I have been? I have been to BLAND land and it was so boring there I did not feel like sending you a postcard. Caspian and I took a small excursion to Spice city, accidental exposure to MSG mountain and the return journey was a disaster!!! Combine … Continue reading Travelling

Roast Duck

Duck; it is delicious, easy to cook and naturally nice and fatty. In Australia Duck is sold in the major supermarkets under the brand name Luv a Duck. They also sell tubs of duck fat. Grab the duck breast with skin. I pan fried a nice piece of duck breast with skin and then popped … Continue reading Roast Duck