Making Lemonade

  After all these years of parenting and working hard I realised life is really about taking lemons and making lemonade. As a parenting duo we have both hit the 40’s and realised we are not where imagined we would be. Far from it. It hurts, its embarrassing and demoralising. That’s just how it goes it … Continue reading Making Lemonade

Banana bread

  I said I was unlikely to post anything about food. Oops. In the quest for a sugarless cake I found this fabulous Banana Bread. It was light, fluffy, grain free, nutritious and no child had a meltdown or seizure afterwards! When a full bottle of maple syrup disappeared a few months back- and Caspian … Continue reading Banana bread


  Recently Caspian’s big brother Max, asked me if I wanted Caspian to be normal like him, ever? Thankfully I asked him “Why?”, “you seem to love him as he is” was his reply. Little did Max know I had been striving and straining for that end result. It had cost me a lot of … Continue reading Love


Well faithful travellers, you may be wondering where I have been? I have been to BLAND land and it was so boring there I did not feel like sending you a postcard. Caspian and I took a small excursion to Spice city, accidental exposure to MSG mountain and the return journey was a disaster!!! Combine … Continue reading Travelling

Roast Duck

Duck; it is delicious, easy to cook and naturally nice and fatty. In Australia Duck is sold in the major supermarkets under the brand name Luv a Duck. They also sell tubs of duck fat. Grab the duck breast with skin. I pan fried a nice piece of duck breast with skin and then popped … Continue reading Roast Duck